About The Show

Shibuya Station is a weekly one-hour syndicated radio show that features popular music from Japan including the most recent chart hits as well as older songs in both the popular and traditional style. 

Shibuya Station is distributed through the Pacifica Network and is available to any Pacifica Network affilliated station that wishes to carry the program.  

Shibuya Station is produced by REC Networks which is already well known for its advocacy for low-power FM (LPFM) broadcast stations and is the operator of J1 Radio, a 24-hour multi-channel internet radio network playing Japanese popular music around the world.

Is there a podcast available?

Unfortunately, due to US and Japanese copyright laws, we are unable to make Shibuya Station available as an on-demand podcast.  Shibuya Station episodes will be able to be heard on internet station J1 XTRA at designated times.  Other affiliate stations may stream the show at their scheduled times.

How can I become an affiliate?

If your station is already an affiliate of Pacifica Network, the program will be available weekly from AudioPort.  Distribution to non-Pacifica affiliates will be at the discretion of REC Networks.  Stations desiring to carry the program can use the website contact form to request information.